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Michael Gove and the Great GCSE Plot

I’m sorry you have to see this

I’m going to preface this article by saying that I think Michael Gove’s a cunt.  I don’t really use that word in real life or print but he’s driven me to it, because essentially he’s making us live in a weird dystopian nation, where he controls state education like some kind of EVEN MORE DEVIOUS Demon Headmaster. And here’s why.

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Ridiculous Clegg #24483

So in THIS article, Nick Clegg continues his campaign to look like a dick to every single group imaginable – youth, women, and now book fans. I honestly think that he’s hired Keith Lemon to do his PR or something; it’s like he doesn’t want to look good.


Nick speaks about his Coetzee addiction in the piece, him being one of Clegg’s ‘favourite writers’. I have read Coetzee, and it’s some of the most boring work in the world – evidently, it is from literature such as this that Clegg has developed his sparkling personality and wit. He states ‘I love that very simple, sparse style – not a single surplus word. It’s almost barren, so beautiful.’ Firstly, let’s make the obvious connection between the barrenness of Clegg’s political convictions and the writing. And also, it is great that Clegg can find beauty in some shitty Australian writing but not in our public libraries, our education system, the environment, in having a public NHS or in same-sex marriage equality. A PR coup, truly well done Clegg. Continue reading