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Because making lists is essentially a way to organise the chaos of a postmodern world. Also I don’t have to use conjunctions and that.

People I’d Like To See On Question Time #bbcqt

Question Time’s pretty good but we always have Owen Fucking Jones and Bloody Baroness Warsi on the panel, along with wet squibs like Will Young and boring know-it-alls like Will Self. So here’s some suggestions as to who we could have on in the next few months – yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m writing a f*cking list.

Some of the following may or may not have appeared on Question Time. For example David Starkey (yes he has) and The Queen (no she hasn’t), to name a couple.

  • Kate Middleton Since that whole watched-by-the-world royal  wedding, we haven’t really seen Kate properly. Obviously she’s too classy (and royal) for something like Celebrity Big Brother so, for the exposure, let’s get her on here. She can air her views and be patronised by everyone.
  • Lady Gaga For obvious reasons this would be absolutely spectacular. I’d like her to wear a hat shaped like Nick Clegg’s entire body which rocks back and forth continuously.
  • A Bishop or Archbishop or Anyone from the Catholic Church Let’s see if any of the ‘official Catholics’ can actually defend their homophobic and archaic anti-gay marriage stance, in the face of the actual public, and not just by writing shit articles. Also let’s see if they seriously still have that issue with contraception.
  • Kirstie Allsopp She was meant to be on a few weeks back, then she got cut out, and hasn’t been put back on the panel since, despite her Twitter insistence that she will be on. Someone sort this out it’s not just anyone it’s Kirstie Bloody Allsopp! Continue reading