About Jake

Jake Williams is a keen TV, Books and Media bloke. He has a review blog, writes freelance and for TV, Film and Literature sites, and never knows when to stop tweeting. Here, more general, column-like topics of writing will be shared, on politics, the media, culture, news – please comment, feedback, like, share, follow, pinterest him etc.

Jake loves Twitter more than any other networking site, including Bebo. His celebrity encounters on there include Caitlin Moran, Greg James, Edith Bowman, Danny Wallace, Nerina Pallot, Owen Jones, Sara Pascoe, Jessica Hynes, Jo Caulfield, Katie Hopkins, Lee Ryan, Rachel Stevens, Tara Reid, Jo Whaite and the John Lewis Snowman. I also regularly piss off most MPs.

He is followed by (or, has been followed by before they got bored of him): Sean Paul, Gerry from BB8, Kyle from Playing It Straight, Grant Shapps MP, Christopher from The Exclusives, Joe Stretch, AZEALIA BANKS and that girl from Summer Camp. What a crew. Jake is basically on the T-List of Celebs now.

Kudos to @riotsteph who proof-reads me when I’m feeling anxious.

Get in touch at: [staff e-mail to come]


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